Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Life of Brian...Part Three

If I hadn't been driving, I would have cried!!

Brian is going to be OK!!!!

He will need one surgery, called Femural Head Removal. We had a rescue puppy about two years ago that needed that same operation and her recovery is amazing. His femur is broken and the surgery is basically, going in and removing the top part of the bone that is away from the rest of the leg. He would be left with no bone attaching his femur to his hip. This might sound weird, but, with his pelvis being broken, removing the 'head' of the bone all together it takes the pressure off the pelvis.

With this operation, the hope is that we wouldn't have to do anything, surgically, with the broken pelvis. Pelvis breaks can't be fixed, the dog only needs cage rest while the bones fuse together again. Brian's pelvis has already fused together and it wouldn't make sense to put him thru the re-breaking procedure just to wait for his body to fuse everything together again.

So, I made a call to my most favorite vet in the world, no offense to Kendra and Patrick, but Marco is amazing! He was the original 'rescue' vet that I used over 6 years ago. (He also, almost, had to deliver my first born at his clinic, but thats a different story!) Career advancement moved him to Calgary where he has done alot of orthopedic procedures and is always willing to help 'my dogs.' Brian's appointment for his surgery is next Friday!!

Kendra, sorry - Dr. Kremeniuk, is wanting to watch and hopefully assist the surgery, so she is willing to take him up and be with him during the procedure.

Recovery should be good. I fostered the last puppy that had the procedure and we just had to keep her confined for a couple of weeks after, until the muscles were ready to start holding the pelvis and lower part of the femur together. Then slow walks, worse thing for a puppy!, and a careful diet into adulthood is key. Dogs that get this surgery must be kept thin, in order to not have unnecessary weight on the back end.

So thats it! Good news all around, Better news is the Marco, sorry - Dr. Bregliano, is giving us a deal on the surgery that won't bankrupt us completely, close, but not all the way! I am looking forward to the surgery day for him and to see him shine. I am going to video him playing around the house and post it soon for you all to see his progress. The amount of hair that has grown back is amazing, he now has a cute little white spot of hair growing on his chest. Its my favorite spot on him right now.

Thanks to all that have donated toward him so far and for those that are wanting to, it is so appreciated from all of us involved in the rescue. If anyone wants to come see Brian, I am home most days and I know he would love it. ~Natalie~