Thursday, September 18, 2008


Max is all smiles and is a happy go lucky dog. He is quick to make friends and at first glance you probably didn't even realise that he only has three legs.

He has been on three legs for a few years now and it doesn't slow him down at all! He goes 100 miles per hour still and can go up and down stairs, fetch a ball and run at the off leash park. He doesn't know he's supposed to be handicapped!

Max is a terrier/corgi/lab cross. He is about knee height and is the perfect size for a small space. He gets along good with other dogs but is a dominant male so would be best suited to a home with no other dogs or females only. Max is friendly with people but like most herding dogs needs to get to know you before he's comfortable being handled. He is not great with younger kids and only will be adopted out to families with older kids, or those who don't plan on having any.

He is a complete gentleman and has good manners- he doesn't jump up, is completely housetrained and is content to sleep in his crate when you're not home. Max likes to play fetch and is a destroyer of squeaky toys. :o)