Monday, September 15, 2008


Midge has been adopted already! Thanks for the interest though!
Meet Midge, isn't she cute?

Midge was on her last day at an area shelter and we couldn't leave her. She is a Chihuahua cross and is a great little dog- happy, outgoing, and snuggly. Midge is fully housetrained and is very easy to live with. She likes to snuggle on the couch, and is just a good little girl. She gets along great with other dogs- and isn't intimidated by even the big ones.

She is eager to please and loves cookies. She is very smart, and really is catching on quick at her foster home. We are guessing her to be around 8 years old- which isn't old for a Chihuahua! She has lots of thick, long hair but a quick brush once a week will keep her looking great. Her nails were a bit overgrown but she doesn't mind them being trimmed. Midge has a vet appointment for a teeth cleaning and then will be ready for adoption.

This little girl won't be around for long!