Saturday, September 13, 2008


What a weekend this is turning out to be!

Dax is heading off to his new home tomorrow- after a week of arranging transport up to Edmonton the plan is that he will head out tomorrow morning! I am so excited for him.

Piper had a day visit with her potential adopter today- and from the sounds of things the visit went well. Keep your fingers crossed for her!

And- on an overnight visit! Already! Can you believe it.....his potential new home is perfect, and if all goes well tonite I am sure it will be finalised in the next few days...

Oh- and Spike- who hasn't even made the blog got a great application on him- so hopefully he'll be heading out to his permanent home in the next few days. Spike is a giant Rottweiler who's owner moved over seas and hasn't returned!

What a great weekend for rescue!!!!