Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Guiness the Cute!

Isn't he adorable??? Guiness is the last of the "6 Pack" puppies. They were found when they were just a few weeks old after their mother had been hit by a car and killed on a local native reserve. He has three golden colored siblings, and a black and tan sibling so we are not sure exactly what breed of dog they are. There is some definite retriever trademarks, but with Guiness's color I think probably some German Shepherd as well. After weeks of TLC and lots of good food the pups are healthy, happy, and well socialised. All of the other pups have gone to their new homes, and poor Guiness is still looking for the right place to call home.

He is 7 weeks old now and is vaccinated, microchipped, and ready for his new home. Guiness is a laid back kind of guy who likes to sit back and watch the action. He is a great little cuddler and likes to lay at your feet. Like all puppies he gets into his fair share of mischief but overall he is a great little pup. He has been raised with other dogs, andlots of kids around so he would make a great addition to a family with children. He likes to play fetch, but doesn't really understand the bring it back part!
Guiness is a smart little guy who will catch on quick to training- he is going to be a big guy so Obedience training will be really important for him. Thankfully he LOVES food so training should be a breeze! This boy LOVES to eat, probably more than anything else :o)

Guiness is a doll who is ultra cute, and is very, very sweet. He's looking for a family that will love him and spoil him- because he really, really deserves it!