Thursday, November 20, 2008


Matt (Matador) was picked up as a stray in Cardston and was held there until his time was up. No one wanted the skinny black dog in the corner and we were contacted on his last day. We sent a volunteer out to get him and are we ever glad we did! He is a great dog with a huge potential as a great family pet.

Matt is mostly lab- but does have a thicker coat than most labs. He is all black with very soulful brown eyes. He has the sad dog look down to a science!

Matt was not treated well in his past life and has the scars to show it. We are guessing that he was either hit by a car, or had his foot stuck in a trap as he does have slight limp. He is also very, very skinny. When we got him you could see and count every rib. With a bath and a few good meals he doesn't look nearly so bad! He will need extra food for a while though!

This boy is full of fun and playfulness which leads us to believe he is young- about 10 months or so. He is not housetrained yet, but his foster home will be working on it! He is curious and inquisitive of new places but he is a little unsure at first.

Matt loves people and is ultra friendly- he greets people belly up initially but soon is wagging and happy like a typical retriever. Matty has no idea what toys are but will catch on soon I am sure! With a little love, training, and time I think he will be an amazing companion. With his gentle nature and good looks he will make a great family pet!