Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Left to fend for themselves...

JD, Holly, and Massey were found in a remote, rural area the other day. With a little bit of food, and promise of more they were easily caught. We first thought they were puppies- small and scared. Once caught we discovered that they are probably around 8-10 months!!! They are just...short. They all range from about 15- 18 inches tall. Which is below knee height. Other than their size they look like your typical lab/shepherd type crosses. We think now that they might be lab/beagle or something similar. Your guess is as good as ours!! We have no idea where they came from. We do know that they have had little socialising and right now they are afraid and unsure.

Prior to coming to rescue it is not likely they had ever been indoors!!!! So they are learning how to walk on slippery floors. They will be getting a crash course on housetraining, and all the goes with living in the comfort of a house. Right now they prefer to be outside but patiently we will work them through that! With a little love, time and patience he is going to turn into an AMAZING little dogs!

***sorry for the crappy photos. it was dark, and the camera was like "what dogs???" ****
I will try and get better later this week!

JD is the only boy, and is about 16 inches tall. Yes, he is a short little dog! He is all black with a wide head, and a pointy face. He is the most outgoing of the group. He likes to be pet, and he is learning that cuddles are a good thing! JD is a sweetie and is very food motivated. He is already learning his name, and will respond very well to training.

Massey is the smallest girl. She is a rich tan and black color. She has the sweetest expression on her face and is trying really hard to be brave!

Holly is the biggest of the three. She is a light honey color with black. She is the shyest of the bunch but the wagging of her tail tells us she is just itching to build up the confidence! She is a sweetie who likes to get as close as she can to you.

All three of these pups will require a little bit of work. I think that within a week they will be completely different dogs already- they really do want to be with people, and are already learning that we are the source of the good stuff (food!)

They are very cute, and are a great size for someone who wants a nice small/medium sized dog. They are very social with other dogs, and are learning about kids, and cats. They will make great companions for a nice quiet family.