Monday, November 24, 2008

Moxie and Griffen

So it turns out that both Moxie and Griffen are still available. Their prospective homes backed out at the last minute and again they are searching for the right home.

Moxie has grown into quite a beautiful little lady- she is very girly and likes to be treated like a princess. Only the softest bed will do for this girl :o) She likes to play rough with her brother though, and has no problem asserting herself. She is a playful pup who likes to "collect" toys, and play tag with her brother. She is friendly and outgoing and her little tail wags non stop. She LOVES kids, and is good with cats, and other dogs. She is working on housetraining and is just a very sweet pup. She will be a medium sized dog as an adult.

Griffen is a little lab through and through. He is outgoing, confident and playful. His tail is constantly wagging, and he is always happy to see you. He LOVES toys, and is always packing something around. He has his sweet moments though and likes to snuggle under your chin. He is very cute. Griffen will a medium/large sized dog when he matures. He is great with kids, and is used to cats and other dogs. He would make a great companion to just about any type of family!