Thursday, November 13, 2008

Mr.Baxter- UPDATED photos!

Baxter wins the Mr.Personality award. This little guy is happy, outgoing and confident with lots of get up and go. He is a one year old Jack Russell/Pug cross and is full of himself. He thinks that he is the most handsome dude on the street. :o)

Baxter was surrendered when his owners didn't have the time to spend with him. He is a good boy though and really is a typical dog who doesn't require more exercise, time or training than any other dog. He is very affectionate and snuggly when he wants to be. He will be much better overall once he is neutered though- his appointment is booked!

He is learning basic obedience and actually listens quite well. He loves to go for walks and is curious about everything. Baxter has not been around cats before but did get the chance to meet one and did really well- I think he could live with cats no problem. He likes other dogs, and is quite flirty with the ladies! Baxter is great with kids- is gentle and likes to play with them. He would make a great addition to a family!

Baxter is housetrained and crate trained but is in the bad habit of marking- (due to his "stud-liness" and the fact that he was bred before he was a year old!!!!!) but his foster home is working on the problem and combined with his neuter he will be over that in no time flat! The key for marking is to treat them like puppies- constant supervision, or they need to be away where they can't mark. He is catching on pretty quickly!

Overall he is a really good boy who deserves a great home. I think he would LOVE to be a jogging buddy, and is more than able to keep up! He would also make a great little agility or flyball dog. He is quite athletic and loves his toys!