Thursday, November 6, 2008


I has taken only a few short days for Jackie to steal her foster moms heart. She reports that Jackie is ultra sweet and affectionate and would make a fabulous family pet.

Jackie has a sad story but we hope that she too can have her own happy ending. She has lived as a stray on the reserve for most of her life- when she was a pup she was attacked by another dog and lost her eye. She has lots of scars under all that fur! Despite that she is a beautiful dog- inside and out.
She is a medium sized dog- mostly Border Collie. She has super soft fur and loves to be groomed. Jackie is great with other dogs and really loves kids. She is in a foster home with two little boys right now and is loving every minute of it.
Although she had not been in a house much before she has settled in like she'd been there forever. She has not had one accident, goes to her kennel without a fuss at night, and is perfectly well behaved. She is learning obedience and already knows her name, and how to sit, and shake a paw! This is one smart dog!
Jackie is friendly to all people and gives the best hugs around. She is laid back in the house, but ready and able to play and run when you are!