Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Pirates! Update- 3 weeks

Well the Pirates are 3 weeks old already!!! It is amazing how time flies by! The pups are all doing really well and we are starting to see their little personalities emerge.

The only pup so far spoken for is little Grace. Everyone else is still available for adoption!

First Shasta- it must be said what a terrific mom and dog she is. This girl has the sweetest personality of any dog I have met in a long time. She just wants to be loved and will do anything to please you. She is quiet and gets along great with other dogs. She would make a fantastic addition to any home who has some time to help her build her confidence despite her rough time in life she absolutely loves people. Shasta is a very dedicated mom, although young herself she has given everything she has to these puppies to make sure they are well looked after and loved.

Now to the puppies...

Bart - the black and tan male is my helper puppy. Anything I am doing he wants to be right in there ..in his mind helping..he is very sweet and tries to keep up with me

Butler - black and (more) white male he is the boss of the litter right now anyway and is also the vocal leader. If he thinks it is feeding time he is the first one to let you know. No one would be surprised to know he is the heaviest of he puppies ..this boy likes his food...can see he will be smart little puppy already...

Bonny - little black girl is the snuggler of the group. She reminds me most of her mom Shasta both in personality and in looks, even down to the white toes on her one back foot. She always is happy to be picked up and talked to and just goes with the flow and gets along with everyone in the group and loves to play.

Davy - little black & white boy..is starting to really make himself known in the group..he may be the smallest boy but he is showing he is brave and he is starting to play more and more ..

Grace- little black & tan girl.. very sweet girl..she is probably right behind Bonny in the snuggle department..she may be small but want everyone to know she is tough...today she had Butler (the biggest) pinned down while playing..think she was proud of herself...

Morgan - bigger black & white girl...always searching out her mother looking for food..this girl likes to eat and thinks the first 3 weeks of her life have been pretty good.

Sparrow - smaller black & white girl... she is the laid back girl and just goes with the flow. She likes to cuddle and is already such a sweetheart!