Sunday, November 2, 2008


Well, our last week and a half has been so busy! In case you were wondering why the blog hadn't really changed, we honestly didn't have a extra moment to do it.

Where to start?...We had amazing response to Hogan and he has joined a ranch outside of Bow Island. They love the big guy and will be a great home.

We also took in two little, five-ish week old pups that were left at a local vet clinic. They were named after comets, Hartley is the little boy and Halley was the girl. They were with us for only two short days when the foster mom could tell that something wasn't right with them. Sure enough, they tested positive for parvo. So into my basement they went and I started treating them. They were very strong pups and didn't get as sick as some can, so it was very surprising when little Halley died very suddenly on day three. She was fed and checked on at 12:30, and when she was checked on at 1:30, she had already gone to sleep. Her brother stayed with her and was still sleeping next to her when she let go. Very sad.

Hartley is really turning around, he is very playful again and barks when he wants attention. He will need to stay in foster care for another two weeks before being able to go to a new home. He is very chubby and playful, he has a little curly tail that sits up very high on his back. He looks like a mini Pomeranian right now with his tail and bushy hair, but is probably a Shepherd X and be a large medium sized dog at maturity.

We took in a very sweet adult Border Collie X on Saturday. She was a reserve dog that had suffered a very vicious dog attack when she was a puppy. Her face and head were severely mangled. With time, her scars healed (vet care was never given), but she did loose an eye during the fight. So, we welcome One-Eyed Jackieto our system. Her foster home reports that she is very quiet and well-behaved. A nice addition to any family. Jackie is spayed and vaccinated and ready for her new home.

We also were asked for help regarding a young Boxer X that showed up as a stray on a Hutterite colony. A lady who works there brought him home when she heard it rumored that his bounciness wasn't cute and that he had a bullet coming! She has had him vetted, he is about 9-12 months old, around 45 pounds and is a great dog. He sleeps in a crate with no arguments and gets along with other dogs very well. He is a beautiful brindle color and has a cute Boxer face.

And we will be taking in a 2 year old purebred Rough Collie. Marley is a great dog who just has not had any training or outlet for her energy. She is a beauty but will need an active home and someone who has the time to train her. She is great with kids, and small dogs but has not been socialised with big dogs and will need to work on her social skills!

We are looking forward to our upcoming micro-chipping fundraiser. We had great response and were booked up almost immediately. Due to the response, we are already thinking that we will be planning another one in the new year.

We are also planning another adoption fair. They are so much work, but we are still surprised at the amount of people that show up and the great adoptions that have happened because of them. It is very encouraging, thanks to all to come. We are thinking about the first week of December and again, we have other guest rescues coming with their dogs. The details will be posted in the next weeks or so.

That's about it, doesn't sound like much happened, but it took a lot out of us!

The quest for foster homes is still on-going, please consider it. It is so much fun and we try to make it very easy for anyone to do. Our rate of adoption pretty much guarantees that your foster dog will be adopted within three weeks, sometimes it is only a few days. Not sure if you want a dog? Try having a four legged visitor for a while. Or if you have a dog, give it a playmate for a few weeks.

Oh! Almost forgot. I had a recently adopted baby come back to the house for a quick visit. Brian! My kids were freaking out! He looks amazing, his hair is beautiful and thick. His mom says he is doing great and does everything any other puppy would do. His incision has healed and the hair in that area is also almost completely grown back too. I have invited him to be the 'guest appearance' at the adoption fair so that people who were following his story, or had the pleasure of meeting him, could stop in and see him. You would not believe how normal he looks compared to the sick little hyena-looking puppy that I brought home. A wonderful happy ending.