Monday, December 22, 2008

Friendly Giant

Andre is a big boy, but is very gentle, calm and good natured.

He had two very large, oozing growths-one on his elbow, and one under his chin. I will spare you the photos as they were pretty horrific. We've had them removed (+$500) and he is now doing well and pain free. Already just a few days later he is in better spirits and is bouncing around.

Andre's history is unknown. He was seen being ditched at the south side Canadian Tire two weeks ago. We are assuming his previous owners didn't have the money for the surgery, or just didn't care enough to do it. Obviously they didn't love the dog enough to even take it to the shelter. Poor Andre. Good thing a kind person saw him being dumped and went back to look for him later. Who knows what would have happened to him had it not been for her!
With some TLC, a groom, and warm bed to sleep in Andre has come leaps and bounds in recent days. He is great with kids, good with other dogs, and doesn't care about cats. He is an easy going dog who doesn't demand much.

We think he is around five years old. He appears to be a husky/golden retriever cross. What ever he is he is a complete mushball!!! He would make a fabulous companion for a family looking for a faithful, reliable companion.