Monday, December 22, 2008

Mind Numbing!

So, I have been doing rescue for almost seven years now and thought I had seen everything. We've seen cases of neglect and abuse, heard every story about why your dog is no longer good enough or wanted. So I don't know why I was caught off guard by a puppy being thrown into my backyard last night. I really should have been expecting it!

Yes, thats right, someone tossed a 5ish month old male Cocker Spaniel puppy into my yard sometime between 7 and 8pm last night. I know it was someone that had dealt with me before, or how else would a 'stranger '' know where I live. I do get many people coming to my house to surrender their dogs, so its reasonable to think that it is someone that has been here for that reason before.

What I don't understand is if we helped you before when you made the phone call with the explanation when you couldn't keep a different dog, why didn't you do that this time? I am sure we were understanding and made room for your dog quickly the last time, so why the toss this time? The 'bad' thing about this, is that because you didn't sign the form, or give us any information, we have nothing to go on. We will have to start another round of shots which could make him sick, but we don't know if he's had any. He also has a great case of diarrhea because, had we made arrangements for this, we would have asked for some food that he is used to to help with the adjustments. He had a horrible night, by the way, lots of crying and howling, this too could have been kept to a minimum if you would have also tossed over a special blanket or toy of his to keep him company in the strange house. I actually did go back out into the yard last night, hoping that a bag of belongings was also there.

After having him in my house for a few hours, I can understand if you were frustrated at him, he is hyper! But we would have taken him, all his little 'issues' are related to the fact that 1)he is a Cocker Spaniel, 2) he is a puppy and 3) he needs to be neutered. By why the toss?!! And for all you reading this, it was a toss! There are no human or dog footprints within two feet of my fence, the gate is bolted shut, but there wasn't even an attempt to open it. Whoever did this also didn't lean over my fence and gently put the puppy down, all the snow on top of the fence is still there, uninterrupted. So you really did toss him, up and over my six foot fence from at least two feet away.

Anyway, he is fine, in case you were wondering. I am asking that you do give us more information on him though. You know where I live, toss a letter over the fence, reply to this blog using anonymous as your name. We really don't care who you are, we just want to do what is right for the pup and get him into a new home asap. What is his birthdate? mix breed? medical conditions? housetrained? cratetrained? been around kids? any and all information can help us adopt him out sooner.

Or call our phone line: 403-795-2599. No one answers, just leave the info there.