Monday, December 22, 2008

Golden Child...

This handsome dude has been dubbed Bradley. He is a complete marshmallow and is an eager to please kind of guy. Whatever you want, Bradley does. :o)

He was languishing in an animal shelter and we couldn't leave him behind. Since being bailed out he has been having a great time at his foster home. Bradley is the kind of dog who doesn't stress about much and has adjusted really quickly.

Bradley is great in the house and has not had one accident- he is quite the gentleman! He has good manners, and can sit, shake a paw, and lay down. He is great off leash and LOVES to run with the other dogs. He has been introduced to horses and after first being scared of them now he is just fine.

He likes the comforts of being an indoor dog and is content to settle on his bed in the living room for the night- not a peep, or disturbance all night from this guy! Bradley is great with other dogs and is very friendly and sociable. He is also very polite to kitties and gives them a wide berth. I imagine some mean old kitty taught him a good lesson at one time in his life!

This boy would make a great addition to any family and would love nothing more than a home of his own for the holidays!