Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Sweet as Pie Ellie

Ellie is a complete sweetheart who is nearly perfect. Despite her rough beginnings she is a wonderful dog- her foster home is already smitten with her!

We think that Ellie is a Shepherd maybe Husky cross? With perhaps a smidgen of Lab or something. The cool thing about reserve dogs is that quite often it is impossible to see what exactly could be in there. Whatever she is she is very, very cute. Ellie is just past knee height and is short and stout- she has thick legs, and is a very sturdy looking dog. Her coat is very plush and has the softest hair I've ever felt. The vets have guessed that she is about a year old or so.

Ellie is great in the house- doesn't bark, is perfectly housetrained and is overall very well behaved. She is very calm and gentle- she will nudge your hand for pets when you are on the couch but won't jump up no matter how much she is encouraged! She is crate trained now and is used to spending her day in there while her foster mom is at work. She does get out at noon for a pee break though! She is great with the cat, and just ignores him. Ellie is also really good with other dogs.

Outside Ellie LOVES to play- she really likes the snow and roots around and rolls in it. She is very cute. She is learning how to play with toys and seems particularily interested in squeaker toys.
Ellie's gentle but fun loving nature would make her a perfect companion for a quiet family. She would love nothing more than to go for a few walks every day and snuggle up with her family on a cold winters night. We would LOVE for Ellie to have a home for Christmas