Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Super Nova

Nova is a GREAT puppy. She is about 4 months old and is full of herself. She is very confident, and adores all people. She didn't have a great start to life- she was found abandoned when she was very young. The people who found her unfortunately were unable to keep her so now we need to find this great little pup a permanent family to call her own.
We think she is mostly lab, with a little bit of border collie thrown in there. She will be a medium sized dog and full grown will be around knee height- she is much smaller than the photos make her out to be!
Nova has settled into her foster home and is doing really great. She is mostly housetrained and is learning about crate training. She still whines a bit at first, but settles down in a few minutes. She has proved herself to be fantastic with kids- she is gentle but still really playful with them.
She is learning about basic obedience, and is catching on to sit pretty well. She is still working on leash manners though. As with all puppies she still will find things inappropriate to chew if you aren't watching her. She is good about chewing her chew toys though- but supervision will be a must for a while.
Nova is very sweet and likes to be touching you, she gives great little hugs, and is a kisser. :o) She will easily melt your heart this girl!