Monday, January 26, 2009

She's all that!

Shasta has truly transformed into a different dog. It is the most amazing thing.

When we got Shasta she was very pregnant, terrified, and mostly hairless. With lots of love, good nutrition and patience she is a completely different dog.

Her pups are now all gone and in new homes (except for Bonnie!!!!) and her coat is looking great- no more bald patches, she is at a good weight, and is enjoying life.

She loves people and is very friendly- but not in an overwhelming way- a gentle wag of her tail and a lean into you is her way of saying hi!

Shasta is housetrained now and is great in the house- she has very good manners and can sit, and comes when she is called.

She still is a sensitive dog- she cannot take a harsh tone of voice and will melt to the floor if she thinks she's done something wrong. She is a little hesitant to go through doorways but with a little encouragement will trot along behind you.

Despite her sensitivity she is a very playful dog! She loves to race around in the snow, and wil bury her whole head in the snow bank. She enjoys life to the fullest this dog. Shasta has also learned about toys and is a shredder of all thing stuffed- she is determined to kill the squeaker!

Shasta is great with other dogs and really seems to enjoy their company. She is also good with cats, and is learning to be respectful of their space!

In case you can't tell from the photos she is mostly lab with maybe a little bully type dog. She is just over kneee height and is a nice compact dog. She doesn't take up a lot of space and really, really needs her own family to love.

She would love an active, but quiet couple that enjoy going for long walks in the coulees, hiking, camping... whatever. Or she would be equally happy laying around on the sofa with daily walks to the park. She is an easy
dog to live with and is very, very sweet. She has a great sense of humour and as she becomes more confident we are really seeing the true Shasta.

Thank you so much to her wonderful foster home. She would not be the dog she is today without you.