Sunday, January 25, 2009

Little Lulu

Meet Lulu. Possibly one of the cutest puppies on the planet.

Lulu was surrendered to rescue along with her 9 littermates. Due to the fact that we are VERY full with dogs/puppies right now we moved the other nine pups to surrounding rescues- check out Mistycreek dog rescue, and Second Chance Dog Rescue in Pincher Creek to see them.

The 10 pups were starving and have had little human contact. They were quite frankly terrified of everything. People. Outside (they'd only ever been indoors). Cars. Noises. People. It was very, very sad to see them all so scared. We kept Lulu because she was the most scared. And she was the most underweight.

It is pretty amazing to see the turn-around in under a week. Wow. She is gaining weight, and has a healthy look to her. She is outgoing towards people now, is ultra snuggly and is becoming braver by the day. Her foster home is doing an amazing job!

Lulu is a Golden Retriever/Border Collie/Collie cross??? Maybe? Her mom appears to be mostly retriever with a bit of collie thrown in there. It is a guess really. Lulu is very petite and will be a medium sized dog as an adult. She is just nine weeks old now and is well on her way to becoming a normal, confident little puppy.

She is learning about living in a normal house, with normal noises, how to go outside to potty, how to play with toys, how to wag her tail...all that fun stuff!

Lulu really is a very cute little pup, and is ultra soft to touch. She has retriever like hair that is all fluff right now. Her eyes make you melt, and well her soft little personality will just about do anyone in!

She is looking for a home that can offer her lots of love, good walks every day (once she is older), maybe another dog to play with (she loves other dogs) and of course a warm bed to sleep in everynight.
If you can offer this to her please contact us as soon as possible. She will not be around long!