Friday, January 23, 2009

A Diamond in the Ruff...

Gem is as cute as can be with a cute personality to match. She is a five month old Border Collie/Cattle Dog Cross. She was surrendered to us when her owners didn't have enough time to spend with her anymore.

Gem has Cattle Dog markings- but underneath the color is built and looks like a Border Collie. She is quite a neat looking cross! She is about 40lbs now- we predict she will be about 50-60lbs as an adult, and large in size- about 22 inches tall or so. Right now she is all legs and very gangly looking! She'll grow into those legs and tail someday!

I was trying to figure out what made her so cute, and I really do think it is her personality. She is all wiggles and is eager to please. She melts at your feet, and is always ready for a belly rub! Gem is a great cuddler and likes to be close. Really close. I wouldn't call her needy though as she can be pretty independent, but in the evening after a long day she is most definitely ready for a cuddle!

Gem is a happy little dog- who is gaining confidence every day. You see, Gem came from a farm- she'd never seen a city bus, or been in a big building. She is figuring it out pretty good though- and has learned how to do stairs, go into buildings, walk on a leash- every day is something new!

The nice thing about Gem is that you get the puppy "clean slate" but she is already housetrained, has mild manners, and is gentle. Even when she forgets she is not supposed to jump on you it is gentle. It is very cute.

Gem is great with other dogs and is learning how to play with them. She was a little unsure at first but has it mostly figured out. She seems to really like the little guys! She also has great cat manners and knows to avoid them! Gem has been around livestock and knows to leave the horses alone- although left to her own devices I am sure she would be bad!

If you've read this far your not turned off by the fact that she is a border collie cross- which is a good thing! She is not a super active dog, and is good with a few walks a day or a run in the coulees. She has a great recall and once she learns how to play fetch that will be a great way to tire her out. In the house she is calm and will lay down on a dog bed and chew a bone, or her toys- she is not jumping around, or getting into stuff. This is one well behaved puppy!!! She's only five months! Imagine how she will be when she is a year old! This is most definitely a dog worth investing some time into!