Thursday, January 22, 2009

Happy Guy Vince

Thank you for all your interest in Vince. He is now very happy in his forever home.

In one word- Wiggly.

Vince is a pitbull /boxer cross who is the happiest dog in the world. He would turn himself inside out if he could! His whole body wiggles and squirms in excitement. It is pretty darn cute.

Vince was found wandering and picked up by the Cardston bylaw enforcement back in December. He waited in a smelly kennel until his time was up. Thankfully we were alerted before he was killed. His foster home quickly fell in love with him just before Christmas but have just now made the difficult decision not to adopt him. So- he is now available for adoption. Again.

He is about a year old or so and he is very outgoing, friendly, and happy. He loves all people and is great with kids. He is good with other dogs- and will play for hours. He is well behaved in the house and is fully housetrained. He is still a puppy in some ways and likes to carry shoes and kids toys around, but will drop them when asked. He would be great motivation to keep stuff off the floor!!!

Vince is one of those dogs who is soft to the touch, and soft at heart. He is a complete mushball and loves to be with his people. He is very affectionate and likes to kiss and snuggle. Vince has pretty good manners and doesn't jump up anymore, and is completely housetrained. He still needs to learn leash manners, but he can't be perfect!!!!

This dude needs a home that will love him for who he is. Someone who likes to be active, someone with another dog to keep him company, and someone who will just love him. That isn't too much to ask???!!!