Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Rock 'N Roll

Someone did a good deed the other day. Instead of turning a blind eye to a starving, abandoned mom and her newborn pups they did the responsible thing and took them to the vet. From there, they've come to us.
We really, really aren't set up to raise yet another litter of pups. But how can you say no?

\Raising a litter is hard, smelly, and time consuming work. Puppies require a lot of care and clean up, and Momma requires both emotional and physical support.

The fun part of a litter of pups is coming up with the names! It was a hard choice but in the end we decided to name them after lead singers in Rock 'N Roll bands. We needed 11 names- which is alot!!!!
So we'd like to introduce you to Aimee and her babies.

Aimee is a Husky/Border Collie cross and is very, very sweet. She is friendly and is one of those dogs that you just can't help but to fall in love with. She is young- maybe 9 months old, and is already a mom. She is doing a great job with her babies, but is very skinny trying to feed 10 hungry bellies.

We will have more information on her in a few days. She won't be available for adoption until her pups have been weaned, but we will be taking applications on her.

On to the pups. We have named them, but at this age we can't tell much about their personalities. I must say though that this is one colorful litter of pups!!! I would say there is a lot of husky in them for sure. Who knows who the daddy was, maybe a border collie or a shepherd??? We'll never know but the pups are sure cute!!!

We'll do the girls first:

#1 brown, 2 white toes on both front feet "Gwen"

#2 black "Alice"

#3 red tri runtie "Jovi"

#4 red and white "River"

#5 biggest girl, white face, cow spot on neck " Stevie"

And the boys

#6 brown w/ light eyebrows "Syd"

#7 white eybrows and face "Billie"

#8 white face brown spot over left eye "Chester"

#9 freckle on face, white face "Zack"

#10 white up muzzle, freckles on nose, ring half way around neck "Dexter

Aren't they the cutest bunch of pups????? Some of them are smooth like a border collie, and some will have husky type hair.

As mentioned above raising a litter of pups takes a lot of time and supplies! We are looking for donations of bedding (towels, sheets, blankets), lean cuts canned food, and Acana Puppy food. Aimee is pretty skinny and will need good quality food to be able to take care of the pups. If you have something you'd like to donate please call Natalie at 403 795 2599 and leave a message.