Monday, February 9, 2009

Aimee's Pups- 4 weeks

The Boys

The Girls
The pups are four weeks old now and are doing great- at this age their personalities are starting to emerge, and they are active and playful. Here is what their foster mom has to say about them
"The weather was warm today, so I brought the pups out for their first outdoor exploration. .. and pictures of course.
Personalities are starting to emerge..
The Boys.
Chester - The first to walk, to bark, to run. Confident and playful, prefers playing with puppies to cuddling with humans.
Dexter - A heart-breaker who likes people and likes to lick your face. He's one of the smaller pups, but is the most coordinated.
Billie - A shy-guy, who assesses the situation before joining in.
Syd - Cuddles one moment, chewing on your toe the next and then off to play!
Zach - A quiet fellow, who likes napping over any other activity.
The Girls
River - Happy-go-lucky and ready to join in the fun. Loves back scratches.
Alice - Loves to be loved. Climbs into my lap, settles right in! Doesn't play much with the other puppies.
Gwen - Confident, curious and self-assured. Enjoys coming for a quick cuddle and then off again.
Jovi - The smallest by far, but also the most adventurous. She can be focused and determined.
Stevie - Stevie the sweetie! Among the first to start approaching people. She enjoys cuddling and will seek people out.
And as for their mum... Aimee is such a great dog! She's so sweet-natured. She's calm/quiet inside and is active outside. When she's happy, her whole body wiggles!"
What a cute bunch of pups!!!