Saturday, February 28, 2009

Erinn's Expressive Ears

Say that three times fast! The team here at PDCR has been blessed with an awesome photographer, Wendy. Really a picture is all potential adopters have to go on, and the better the pictures the faster the dog gets adopted. This combined with Erinn's amazing personality is making her going, going,.......well we'll see.

Erinn can't find her new home fast enough, because if she stays where she is much longer, we are going to lose yet another great foster home! Since January we have had two of our foster homes adopt their foster dog, it's a job hazard! We love that our amazing volunteers are falling in love with these guys, but understandably it can make it hard for them to take future foster dogs. I'm a failed foster home myself so I know how that works! However, this means we need more people to temporarily take these dogs into their homes, hearts, and families so we can help more dogs. It is truly a heartwarming experience. Please pass the word if you or anyone you know may be interested! You can contact us via email or call 403 795 2599.

And look for updates on our current team in future blog posts with inside information only our readers get! Our first spotlight will be our team leader Natalie!