Monday, April 20, 2009

Busy Weekend

Well this weekend proved to be very busy in Rescue Land.

Terra & Edie had meetings this weekend with potential home and we are pleased to say both will be off to their new homes this coming week!! Aimee also had a meeting that went well and we are crossing our fingers that she is on her way too.

We took in three new dogs on Friday, Frodo, Twiggy (a golden retriever) and Abby (a beagle/basset hound cross). Abby had a meeting on Saturday and went off to her new new, while Twiggy was adopted by her foster mom after only 2 days!!! Welcome to the Double F (Failed Foster) Club Kathryn!!

Zak has a meeting on Tuesday with his potential home and if all goes well that leaves us with only Katie & Frodo. So look for more updates on these two sweethearts coming soon.....