Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Return Policy

Fasten your seatbelts because rescue is a rollercoster of emotions. The ups keep our spirits going, and the downs are why we have to keep going. You may remember Bonney, our black orphan puppy who generated a huge amount of support and subsequent adoption a few months ago. Bonney was our up, but what goes up must come down. As introduced, Katie, Bonney's sister was returned on the heels of Bonney's adoption.

Katie has replaced her sister in the same foster home and we have an update on her progress. She can be a little shy to start but warms up quickly to dogs, people and children. She is very smart and with treats and positive training she is doing very well walking on leash but does require a bit more work. Katie has been good running off leash and has been having a blast in the field with her temporary Weimaraner sisters. She is a complete tomboy and can play rough with the little dogs so a home with little dogs would not be suitable, but is a great wrestling partner for bigger playmates. Katie sleeps quietly in her crate at night, doesn't generally bark much at all. She loves to be with her people and will crash at your feet after a day of just being a puppy.

The team at PDCR does so much to screen potential applicants. We know it can be frustrating to fill out the seemingly endless paper application, return for visits several times, ensure all family members two and four legged are on board , check references, talk to your landlords. And while it can seem more painful then a tax audit, please know this is why we do it. While we encourage and ensure our dogs are returned if they can no longer be cared for, we strive to prevent it in the first place. It is heartbreaking for us, but more importantly for the dog.

Katie is progressing well and we are all looking forward to closing the chapter on the pirate puppies. Who will discover the last treasure?