Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Who Knew?!

Well, how suprising was that!!!

We thought up the idea of a monthly dog walk to help the members of the group to get to know the dogs in our system. Sometimes we take in a dog and no one but the foster home ever gets a chance to interact with it. Then, we thought why not invite the public to come and meet us and the dogs too.

What a fun time it was. We started off the evening with all the dogs being 'available', but by the end of the hour, and after meeting 30 or so people that showed up, we are happy to announce that Colby, Teka and Zak met their forever homes tonight. Teka had a first meeting a few days ago, but seeing her again at the park tonight sealed the deal. Colby is looking forward to a great new home on Friday and gentle little Zak went home with a family friend of mine!! (I get to babysit him, so I'm happy).

Frodo has about three different people stop by to meet, shake a paw, and rub his belly. Hope he made a good impression!

Brie, the Jack Russell was a typical snippy Terrier, but did really well. New pup Tessa, was wild and so totally involved with licking all the other dogs! She is a Boston Terrier X Jack Russell. One of the visitors just had to call her friend that is looking to add a little dog to her household, she came over right away to meet Tessa, hopefully she'll have new home this weekend.

Edie was there, but didn't see much happening with her. She is so sweet and its amazing how active she is. Her ears are something you must see to truly appreciate!

Thanks so much to everyone that turned out this evening. The wind was absolutely horrible, but it was totally worth it. Thanks to Bonney's family for stopping by for a visit. Bonney looks so happy, it was great to see. Think she needs a sister! And, you would have thought that someone would have brought a camera, but no! We have no proof of how much fun this was and how cute the dogs were, so you'll have to come out on June 2nd to experience it. Hope to see you then.