Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Momma Maya

Here we go again. My my, how could I resist you?

Maya is a recent addition that made her debut a couple of weeks ago at the Adoption Fair. She was feeling a bit delicate that day due to her surgery two days previous. When working with rescue dogs, one would think you have seen and heard it all. You're probably right, we likely have. It doesn't make it easier to find out after Maya's surgery that two bullets had been shot into her tiny body. One was found in her uterus, another lodged close to her spleen. What a brave and tough dog to go through the birthing process with that bullet stuck there. Dogs are so forgiving and forget so easily. Watching her play and be very silly last night at the Dog Walk is heartwarming and inspiring. She's ready to go home and deserves nothing but the best. She is doing well at house training and loves to be in her crate. We think that Maya is approximatley a year old and is a lab cross.

Momma Maya, now I really know.... My My, I could never let you go.