Tuesday, June 9, 2009

All My Puppies

We have had quite a few puppies come in recently and get adopted so quickly that they didn't even get a chance to debut on the site! This is very good, we are not complaining, but we did slack off in posting as we were so busy doing adoptions. We have returned with a vengence! and promise to catch up on all the Newbies to PDCR.

The puppies are first:

This little cutie is supposedly a cross between a Boxer and a St. Bernard! We don't have any confirmation on this as she was an auction item at the recent 'Odd and Unusual' Auction. Although her cross is Unusual, we don't think there is any reason for such a cute little thing to be called Odd, or be auctioned off.

Her foster home is very impressed with this little girl. She is proving herself to be very smart as she hasn't had a single accident in the house! She whines and lets the household know that she has to go out. She is getting along great with her foster brothers and sisters, these are of the canine and feline species as well as the two legged, young and old. Lacey is very sweet and cuddly, but likes to do her own thing too.


Is the color of the outside of the Peanut Butter Cup, her fur is a dark chocolatey color, long and a bit of a wave in it! She is so cute and fiesty. She was found on the local reserve area and because she didn't 'match' the rest of her litter, the owner didn't want her to 'cheapen' the rest of the litter! He plans on selling the rest of the pups. So, in comes little Miss Reese. She is about 7 or 8 weeks old, paper trained and getting used to the noises of a busy household. She loves to chase the kids and chew on fingers. She is short and pudgy right now, but will probably end up a nice medium sized dog.


My heart dropped the day I met this beautiful little soul.

We were out on the reserve last weekend and I saw a girl kicking, literally, a puppy out of her house. I scooped him up and felt nothing but bones, literally! Little Skip here only outweighs Reese by 4 pounds. He is a real bag of bones. I got the 'owner' to sign him over to our care and brought him home. The first couple of days I was really scared for him, but as with all reserve dogs, he is a fighter. But, he is also such a lover, he prances when he sees me coming toward him and gets all wiggly. I haven't heard him utter one noise at all. He is very content with life now, he gets fed many times a day, something that he obviuosly didn't get before. He is slowly gaining weight, strength and courage. I thought he was only a few months old, but upon his vet check, we were told he was about 8 months old although his body is somewhat stunted and immature physically because of the lack of nurishment during those crucial growing months. There is no long-term effects of this. He is thought to be a Sheltie cross and he is currently 14 pounds.
**We went for a check up today and found that about 90% of Skip's tongue has an acidic burn on it! The poor little guy, we had noticed that he was having a hard time drinking and he seemed to not want to eat all day today. So, he is on antibiotics for the infection that is raging in his mouth. It is very painful for him and it will be a rough couple of days now til the infection clears and the tongue starts to heal again. We will be taking applications for Skip during his treatment, but probably won't be letting him go home for about a week**
Skip is doing much better, he did 'crash' and spent a day in the hands of Dr. Kendra. During his stay in the clinic, the vet 'recongized him as a poosible brother of one of her client's dog!! So, we met up and they are a great match and that little girl dog even had the burns inside her mouth. We are so sure they are from the same litter!! Anyway, they wanted a playmate for little Autumn, so Skip gets to go home this Sunday


We also took in a litter of four precious little girl puppies this weekend, also found on the reserve. The are absolutely adorable as you can see.

The mom dog is a small medium sized mix breed, she was very sweet. The pups are about 7 weeks old and much smaller then the picture makes them look. They are about the size of Chihuahuas right now, so we are expecting them to be small medium sized dogs when they are mature, about 35-40 pounds. We are naming them after flowers and a seperate post of them with thier new names will be posted soon. They are currently being fostered in Calgary, thanks Julie!, and will be available for adoption in about a week. They too need some TLC before we move them into new homes.


This handsome boy is Gauge. He was one of four pups that joined our group just a little while ago. He is very loved by his foster mommy who is having a really hard time letting him go! He is the perfect gentleman according to Tammy. He is very well mannered, listens, asks for cuddles every night and a pro at the doggy door. His cross is as unusual as the rest of the pups in our system right now: his mom was a cross between a PitBull and a Jack Russell Terrier and his dad was a Boxer! He is going to be so handsome and stout by the looks of it. Guage is about 3 months old now and so ready for a home of his own.

New posts of the older and more mature dogs will be added soon, stay tuned!