Wednesday, June 10, 2009

We have had some great additions to our "Mature Dogs' category and a few of them have gotten really great homes in the last couple of days. Here are the ones still in need of forever homes.


Yes, Brie is still with us! She is a wonderful Jack Russell. She is house and crate trained. She loves to play hard with her Weimeraner foster sister and plays a bit nicer with the little Cavalier foster sister. She likes to watch the kitties and given the chance, will try to get them to run, but with a little quick correction, she does back off easily. She is a typical JRT is that she is active, she loves to play tug-of-war and when she does, she sounds like a huge dog with all the play growling she does. She also loves to just hang out watch the world outside the windows.


This little red dog came to us from another rescue group that found her on a reserve near Calgary. She was found with a litter of puppies and Ariel was very unsocialized. She was a good mom and soon saw her pups off to their new homes. She waited and waited for a great family to come along and think she was cute too, but none came for months and months. So, she came to join PDCR in hopes that someone in our area will consider her for their own. She is sometime still shy of new people, but if she knows you, she will wriggle and scream in excitement! She is such a character. She is thought to be a Heeler X based on her color, little pricked ears, and freckled legs. She is about 40 pounds, a great size. She is house and crate trained and loves to run and will hang out in the yard or in the house happily with you.


This handsome Golden is new, as in yesterday! He was found out in the country near Vauxhall. The farm family that found him was OK with him staying until the neighbor's little dogs kept going into heat and they didn't want him to be the daddy of their puppies, so thought that by shooting at him, that would keep him away! He dodged the bullet many times, and finally, concerned for his life, the family turned him into our program to hopefully find a home free of fire arms! He is an adult Golden, a beautiful light gold color and typical Golden personality, super happy to meet anyone! He is good in his crate and is really hoping to find a new home soon.


She is such a deserving dog. She was found on the reserve by Lethbridge with her puppy Asia. Maya is a very outgoing lovable girl. She a good with other dogs and cats. Her foster family set up a pool in their backyard a little while ago and Maya thinks is the most wonderful thing ever. She will jump up and into the pool, swim a few laps and then hop out to dry in the sun. She is an active dog, but does just fine with a walk during the day, and a good game of fetch in the evening, the occasional dip in the pool helps work off those puppy pounds! She too is house and crate trained and loves to cuddle. She is a medium sized dog and weighs about 45 pounds.