Thursday, July 30, 2009

Chocolatey Goodness!

Some of you might remember Reese from just a month ago when she was a tiny little, handful of a pup. Well, she is giant compared to then!, but still just as adorable. Reese came to us from the reserve in the beginning of June. She was adopted to a great family, but they had to return her due to unknown dog allergies. They were very upset, but the health of their son had to come first. Reese thought she had the best vacation ever with them, they took such great care of her and taught her how to be a good puppy. Look at her smile!

Do you notice her eyes? The are absolutely amazing! They are a light limey green color and are just stunning, they are all you look at when you meet her.

Reese's mom was, we think, an Australian Shepherd X. She was a reserve dog so its hard to say, but her eyes were also a bright green, she had a dense red and white coat of half fluff, half curls. Mom was a compact little dog, about knee height, maybe 50 pounds soaking wet. All the male dogs in the area where Reese was found were about the same size as the mom dog. So, are are guessing that Reese will be a great wrestling and camping size, great for cuddling, but able to handle herself when the kids decide to ride her! We aren't saying this is a good idea, just that Reese will be a great size and her temperment is wonderful. She is quiet, a little fiesty, but big on cuddles. She loves to play with other dogs and does a belly crawl toward the cats to see if they want to play.

Come meet Reese and all our dogs this Tuesday, Aug. 4th at Gyro Park, on the corner of 10A Ave and 16th Street South. We will be in the park from 6 - 8.

Reese would love if someone came to play ball with her.