Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Little Trooper

Meet Doc.

He came into our system about three weeks ago and is just making his debut now. He is about 14 weeks old now, a beautifully marked little Shepherd X. Doc was brought to the Park Pet Hospital by a man who found him on the reserve. Due to the injury that Doc was sporting, and the expected bill to come with the treatment, the man surrendered him to the rescue. We didn't know what to do with poor little Doc right off the bat. His left leg, from the 'wrist' bone down to and including the toes were all pointing upwards. His paw had been twisted right around, breaking many bones inside.

So, we were given a few options for his treatment, re-set it and splint it for six weeks, hoping that it will heal in a way that he'll walk. Or, amputate it. We decided to set the leg, splint it and see if he can walk on it properly. The re-setting of the leg happened a week ago today. He was put out for the procedure and awoke with a stiff splint holding his leg straight. After the initial interest in the new thing on his leg, Doc happily forgot about it and looked for someone to play with. He is doing very well with the splint, bouncing up and down the stairs at his foster home, chasing the balls and toys that he has, and playing with his foster sister. Here are some more pictures of Doc.

Doc proves that he isn't going to be held up by anything that happens to him. His foster homes says he is a wonderful little guy, smart, sleeps quietly in his crate all night and is trying so hard to do his business outside on a regular basis! He isn't a crazy wild puppy, this might be because he is used to feeling pain in his leg. But, remember, he is still a puppy and will undoubtedly get into trouble as he matures!

Doc may still need his leg amputated, but in the mean time, we thought we'd show off the little trooper and hopfully line up a great home that will take him four or three legged.