Monday, September 7, 2009

Have A Heart

A very kind and creative lady in Calgary named Julie, has offered to give us a way of making a little money for the dogs. She makes art with stained glass and is left with lots of left over glass. She has managed to melt these bits together and make beautiful heart charms. She has sent us 30 hearts to sell and all the profits get to stay with the PDCR dogs.
I personally have mine on my keychain and have even let my adopted dog, Ivy, wear one on her collar. A few wear them as pendants, or have them hanging from their rear view mirrors.
(She doesn't actually wear it on a gold chain! It jst showed better for the picture)
There are so many colors to choose from, different beads and added designs. They will be available to see and buy at the Dog Park days, the first Tuesday of every month. We are also looking for local businesses that wouldn't mind having a little display of them in there shops to sell for us. If you are able to put them up in your place of business please call us at: 403-795-2599 and we will make those arrangements. The awesome staff at Pet Parade have already offered to have some on their front counter. Thanks alot guys!