Thursday, September 3, 2009

Just Arrived!

Snap wants to show off her legs, they just arrived!

'Legs' is actually her nickname at her foster home.

She is beautiful, graceful and quite the diva!

Snap is now about 4 months old and still looking for her forever home. Her foster mom is very proud of this beautiful girl. Snap is housetrained (98%), crate trained, plays rough with the other dogs in the house, attempts to play rough with the cats....and is all around a good puppy.

Snap isn't your typicall cuddly kissy puppy. She is a Greyhound and very typical of the breed. Lots of research would be needed by a potential home for Snap as Greyhounds are a specific breed, not the breed for everyone, and she has very specific needs. Long distance joggers need not apply as greyhounds aren't long distance anything! She needs quicks play times with lots of fetching, then a chaise to recline on for the remainder of the day.