Monday, August 24, 2009

The new boys

Dewey is such a cute little pup. He was picked up as a stray in Taber, taken back to the shelter, and waited, like so many do. He waited and waited, but no one came to say he was theirs. The wonderful bylaw officers in Taber called me let me know his time was up and could be available for adoption, but due to space issues in the shelter there, could we take him. Of course, I can't resist!!

So, Dewey came into our system just a few days later, on Friday. His foster mom, Roberta, was trying to get over the quick adoption of her first foster pup Finn, and snatched Dewey up right away! He is proving himself to be such a wonderful puppy. His biggest 'no-no' is that he likes to jump up when he meets new people, but other then that, he is a pleasure.

Dewey is obviously a Shar Pei X, maybe with a Shepherd to give him the markings? He has very short, I call it velcro, hair on his legs and toes and also on his face. The rest of his body is still short haired but longer then the other spots. He is about 4-5 months old and still on the small size, so thinking that he may only get to around 40-45 lbs full grown, that perfect medium size.

His foster home is also very amazed at how gentle he is around children. Dewey plays daily with a little girl, guessing she is 6?, that is his best friend until the evening comes and he wants to cuddle on Roberta's lap. So, Dewey would be a great pup to join a family even with younger children.

Our other newest addition is this handsome boy:

I know the picture isn't that great, but its obvious he has ears!! I think they are so cute.

Norris hasn't had the best life. He was picked up as a stray as well in a town called Estevan, think its in SK. They picked him up and there he sat.....since February!!! We think he is maybe just a year old, so he has literally spent his whole puppyhood in a cage. He is a wonderful, happy guy who is trying to make up for lost time! He is already impressing his foster family by listening very well, he plays great with other dogs, and is learning how to walk nicely on a leash.