Saturday, August 22, 2009

Storage Issues

Lots of people that call us to view dogs, or who want to volunteer assume that we operate out of a building. Lots are then surprized to find out that we house all our dogs in real homes around the city which is better for the dogs, but may be a bit difficult to view the dogs on a Saturday afternoon, or come to walk dogs. Maybe one day in the future we will have the funds that would allow us to move into an actual facility in order to help more dogs, but until then, we do the best we can with the support of foster homes.

This does present challenges though, too numerous to get into, but one issue that we are hoping to find assistance with is our need of storage. During the summer months, my own personal backyard and garage are filled with crates, boxes of collars, leashes and toys, bags of food, and other supplies. Many foster homes store supplies for us as well. When winter comes, and my hubby wants to use the garage for his car however, we run into a snag as my basement won't hold the PDCR contents of the garage either!

We are asking the public's help in finding us a little garage or part of someone's warehouse to keep our supplies in. If you have a super single garage but drive a Hummer, please let us know as we would love to rent your little garage. Please email us with any offers of space or suggestions,