Friday, August 21, 2009



They put on a great pancake breakfast, it was their first, and what a success. In three hours, they were able to raise a whopping $880.00 for PDCR. We couldn't believe it. I personally was hoping that 100 people would stop by, the Duke was shooting for 300, not sure what the end count was, but definately over 300 people attended.

Thanks to all our supporters, lots of past adopters were able to come out to brag about their babies, it was great to hear you came out.

Thanks to Global TV, Mark Campbell came out to do a quick interview with the lovely Colleen. Colleen showed off her little dog Ollie that she adopted from us, and Dewey also got a debut. We haven't posted about Dewey, but he sure made a great impression on people who met him at the breakfast, watch for his write up.

THANKS AGAIN TO THE DUKE!!! Great bunch of people.