Thursday, August 20, 2009

Doc is SOOOOO Happy!

Doc has the best news ever, he has a home of his own! The wonderful couple met him at the dog park when he had four legs, and waited patiently for the week he was gone to Calgary and arranged to meet him again with three legs. He won them over again and he was gone!

Doc and all of us from PDCR want to send out a really warm thank you to all of you who helped with kind words, coming to meet Doc at the park, and for the monetary donations for Doc's care.

His first foster mom, Samantha, took great care of his poor little foot. When he first came, the foot had open sores on it and Samantha was able to keep it nice and clean, give him the pills, and keep him happy.

His second foster mom took such great care of him and gave so much heart to this little guy, he will be forever in your debt Constance (and John, who gave heart to Constance!)

More thanks to Constance for playing on the weaknesses of all your dog-loving friends who opened their wallets and were able to raise almost a thousand dollars for Doc. It simply wouldn't have been able to happen if it weren't for you and your great gang of friends.

And, Chris, his foster dad in Calgary, thanks for all your 'big city' driving, your patience during the surgery and the extra care afterwards.