Monday, September 14, 2009

Request for Help

We have once again been asked to help out at the Blood Tribe Spay/Neuter Clinic to be held next weekend. Lots of effort goes into making sure that all goes well during this kind of weekend where we are hoping to spay/neuter at least 70 dogs and 40 cats. Alot of supplies are also needed and the organizers of the clinic have sent out a request for the following supplies:

Large Crates - hard sided or wire

Bedding - anything from sheets, towel, pillowcases, and old comforters

We at PDCR would also like ask for help too.

We are in desperate need of foster homes. We try to encourage people to volunteer for this all the time, but rarely have any response. Fostering is so much fun, and relatively easy! We have about 5 full time foster homes and about 5 part timers. We would love to give some of the full timers a break :) as lots have been going full time for over a year, or more.

With this spay/neuter clinic coming up, there is a whole bunch of dogs that aren't ever claimed by their owners at the end of the weekend and then all the volunteers have to scramble to find groups to take the dogs. PDCR would love to help again with some of these dogs and help get them new homes. Last time, we ended up taking in the Flower Pups, Skip and Reese, all beautiful, highly adoptable puppies.

If we are able to round up a few good people that are willing to foster, we would be able to take in a few more dogs every couple of months and give those dogs a chance too.

If you are interested in fostering, or know someone that would be, please, get them to email us so that we can explain the process to them and get them set up.