Sunday, September 13, 2009


The team at PDCR does so much to screen potential applicants. We know it can be frustrating to fill out the seemingly endless paper application, return for visits several times, ensure all family members two and four legged are on board, check references, talk to your landlords. And while it can seem more painful then a tax audit, please know this is why we do it. While we encourage and ensure our dogs are returned if they can no longer be cared for, we strive to prevent it in the first place. It is heartbreaking for us, but more importantly for the dog. Being shuffled from one house to the next after they are just getting comfortable cannot be a good feeling.

It is our policy to provide help to you even after you have adopted a dog from us. All of us being dog people have our own little tricks of the trade so to speak that we can offer as suggestions to help with a variety of obstacles you may encounter with your new dog. And if we may not have a suggestion to help you, we most certainly will do our best to find out more information or steer you to the proper contacts to help you.

We encourage people who have adopted dogs from us and are experiencing some problems to send us an email or give us a phone call to talk about the problem you are having, to see if there are any suggestions we can offer to you. More often than not we find out about issues on the heels of the dog being returned. We want the adoption of your new dog to be a rewarding experience, sure they are a few speed bumps along the way but these will occur whether you got adopted the dog from us, the pet store, animal shelter or breeder. The difference is we are here to help, that is what we do, we not only help the dogs but also the new owners willing to share their lives with these dogs.