Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Let it NOT snow!!

Our October Dog Park evening is tomorrow and I am really hoping that we aren't faced with a blizzard at 6pm.

As usual, we invite everyong and anyone out to meet us, play with the dogs, fall in love with some deep brown eyes, you know, anything can happen!

We have alot of dogs that are available and will be there tomorrow night. The list includes:

SOOKIE: 2 year female Rez dog. We haven't posted about her yet as she is too special! I brought her in from the spay/neuter clinic, she was found with a face and eyes full of quills and what looked like two bullet holes in her hind end. I rushed her into the clinic for surgery and she has been recovering very well and is now available.

SNAP: Why is she still here?!! Snap, (a.k.a. Leggs) is our longest term dog right now, she came into our system in the middle of June. She has grown so much in this time and its neat to watch her grow, so many puppies get adopted right away, we don't get to watch them develop.

BOB: He is a mush! He is a 2 year Bishon X Shih Tzu that we think had a mistaken identity at his old home. They complained about his potty habits and gave him up. In the month that we've had him in foster care, we are so very proud to say that he has not had a single accident at all. He is awesome with any other dogs, kids are his favorite and he is all around a great dog.

PEARL: Sweetheart. One word, thats all you need to know!

NATE: Smartest dog I have fostered all year. He is still a big awkward goof of a dog, but has the basics down pretty good. He is great with other dogs and kids of all ages. Thinks chasing cats is the best hobby ever, but he could grow out of that with proper training.

ROSSI & REED: These two are so cute, you won't believe it. Rossi is a wonderfully attentive and playful little boy puppy whereas Reed is shy short, and very cuddly.

SCRAPPY DOO: Makes his debut tomorrow as well. He is a tiny little Chihuahua with a big attitude. He was really treated horribly in his first home, so his first instinct is to protect himself with a bite. He does come around quickly as we have heard from his foster home. He is mostly all cuddles and happy dances now, about 6 days in.

CASEY: The wild one! Casey is an attention hog, he is only 5 months old and was owned by an elderly couple who were home all the time with him, but then didn't have the energy to keep him past 4 months. He loves to play fetch and will do that for hours.

We invite all to come out despite what the weather throws at us tomorrow at 6:30 at Gyro Park, located on 16th street and 10A Ave South. We usually hang out at that corner of the park, but we migrate into the open area by the one building that is in the park, on the east side of the building.