Thursday, October 8, 2009

What the H?!!

That is what Sookie was thinking at the park last night!

I was thinking about setting up the screen tent that we have, but then the snow stopped, so we thought it wouldn't be needed. Then, about 15 minutes after people started arriving, the dumping started, heavy clumps of snow coming down and literally covering the people and the dogs. But, the people kept coming!

We invited the gals from the Taber rescue to come along too as they have a few great dogs out there that have been sitting in thier system for a long time now. They brought in Mig, Mickey, Milo and a newer Shep X that was very pretty and sweet. You can see thier dogs on and the shelter is called Taber Adoption Options. Milo got to go to a new home last night. Below is a picture of Mig, the short little Beagle X Lab? and one of the new Shep X.

We also had a Lethbridge bylaw officer from the animal shelter come out too. Kevin was very nice to talk to, traded stories for a while, and he was informative about the licensing policies for Lethbridge.

The pictures that Deb took for us would have turned out alot better if the dogs weren't wet and unhappy looking, but I will share a few of the best ones.

Everything is fun when you are Casey!

Swift is very small and beautiful. She thinks boy dogs are annoying.

Scrappy thought this was the perfect place for him to be.

The pups weren't locked up the whole time, just looks like it!

By the end of the cold and wet night, we had applications for the puppies and Nate. There are a few people interested in Sookie and Pearl too, fingers crossed. Many thanks for the volunteers that came out to help and brought their foster dogs and for the people that came out to meet the dogs.

This was probably the last Park night that we'll be able to hold at the park for the rest of the winter. We are now looking for a place to have the once a month meetings to continue showing off the dogs as the small meets do produce quite a few adoptions and its a great time to get together as a group and meet the public as well. If you own a business or know of a business that would let us use a space for 2 hours once a month, please let us know. We promise to keep the party under controll and clean!!