Wednesday, October 28, 2009

We can't say NO!!!


All of us here at PDCR are animal lovers but lean more toward helping dogs as there are quite a few cat rescues in Lethbridge that are doing a great job helping the homless cats in the area.

BUT.....! :) Every once in a while one of us finds a kitty that we just have to help. Lots of them are rehomed thru word of mouth which is why you guys don't ever read about them.

MUGGINS is an adorable cat that I met today. Her owner had to move into a seniors home and signed her beloved cat over to Park Pet Hospital. They called me and said, "We have a cat that we want you to help!" "A cat, a cat!, we are a dog rescue" was my response, but then had to stop by the clinic to meet her on my lunch hour, couldn't resist!

I was greeted by a very friendly and beautiful cat. Here she is:

She is a medium - long haired cat. Her eyes are a beautiful lime green color, and her tail is so fluffy. Muggins is 2 1/2 years old, spayed, vaccinated and very healthy. I picked her up and got little kisses on the side of my face. She has a wonderful personality and is very soft. She lived with a small dog and is good with other cats. She is an indoor cat.

If you would like to adopt Muggins, please fill out our application as if you were adopting a dog. Some of the information won't be relevent such as how many walks you take daily! , but it will still give us a good idea of your lifestyle and what you are able to provide little Muggins here.