Friday, October 30, 2009

Well, they do have four legs...

Cats, that is! I posted about Miss Muggins yesterday and we are very hopefull that we are able to place her into a new home soon.

But....that is a huge word in rescue...BUT. Being in 'the bizz', and even though we specialize in dogs, I do get alot of emails about Alberta pet seizures and emails when a puppy mill has been exposed, things like that. PDCR always offers to help in anyway that we can, and this time is no different.

Got a call from a great friend that runs a rescue out of Calgary, they take in dogs, cats, pigs, you name it. They were asked by a cat collector in the Med Hat area to help them rehome their cats as they were in way over their heads and didn't know where to turn. The email I got last night made my stomach turn. There are over 75 cats that need new homes!! All ages, breeds, colors...all homeless and deemed to die in two weeks if help isn't found.

So, I am putting this out to our readers. I have agreed to help with 2 four month old kittens and there are also 2 eight month old ones that could come to Lethbridge as well. Because we are primarily a dog rescue, our cat foster homes are...well...non-existant! If you, or if you know someone, that would be willing to foster one or two of these cats, please let us know asap. They will be vetted and you will be supplied with everything you would need to care for these kittens. The rescue group is going in for the first 30 cats on Saturday and they were hoping to drop off the 2 four month old kittens here at my house on Saturday afternoon provided that we've found a foster home(s). Please help.