Monday, November 9, 2009


This is Lexi, she is very smiley.

She was turned over to us when her owner was forced to move, or give up the dog. Lexi is a big wiggle butt! She is happy and very well behaved. She really reminds me of Vince, a dog we had last year.

Lexi is 9 months old and she is a Boxer X Old English Bulldogge. She has the body size and shape of a Boxer, with the extra jiggle of a Bulldog! She is a little unsure of herself, she has never really been taught anything, so she does come off as needy, but after a few days she calms down and starts to relax.
She is playful and gets along great with other dogs of anysize. She would be a great family dog too as she is very caution and gentle with small kids. She is also cat smart!