Friday, November 13, 2009

The Felines

Last week, I posted about the situation in Medicine Hat. To catch you all up, there was a cat hoarding situation that involved about 117 cats/kittens in a single home. Due to the amount of cats and the plea for help, PDCR agreed to help and we took in 7 beautiful cats last week.
Sapphire - Has been Adopted

She is a 3 year old Calico Himalayan. She is very sweet, puffy fur, but only 3 kgs. She is petite and so soft.

Tawny - Has Been Adopted

This cutie is an Exotic Short Hair. She has short hair and such a cute pushed in face. She is about the shyest of the bunch but coming around quicky in her foster home.


He is also an Exotic Short Hair, his face is pushed in. He is only 4 months old. His foster homes says he is wildy playful and super cuddly.


She is a beautiful Flame Point Himalayan X. She is about 11 months old. She too is somewhat shy, but already wandering around her foster home, meowing when she feels lonely. She likes to roll on the carpet to get attention.


I've been telling my kids to 'stop holdin' the kitten'.....the kitten is now Holdin. He is an adorable 5-6 month old Blue Point Himalayan X Siamese. He is super cuddly, brave, and loves to snuggle on the bed.

and Fiona

Fiona is a very sweet Flame Point Exotic Short Hair. She is about 2 years old and also very sweet with a shy exterior. Her foster home reports that she too is getting more and more comfortable each day.

These cats were all kept in sheds according to age and breed. Their socialization with people was non-existant. They are all a bit shy when it comes to cuddles as they haven't ever recieved alot of physical attention before. But, being cats, they come with alot of curiosity and sometimes that does get the better of them! They find themselves wandering around their nice, warm foster homes and soon enough, they are urged to rub themselves on a pair of legs and allow the person to pet and cuddle them. They are all finding this strangly wonderful! Lets see these beautiful cats into new homes where they will adjust and fit right in.

**The cats were kept in very dirty conditions, they had alot of dust in their eyes and nasal passages. That is all clearing out now, but in some of the pictures, you may notice a bit of eye/nose gunk, the dust is what is causing that and isn't a 'condition' that will last forever or cause future problems. They have all been checked by our vet and cleared.**