Thursday, December 10, 2009

Another Hop-Along Pup!

This is Shelby

She was very persistant when the water delivery truck stopped at the gas station in Standoff. She decided that it was her day to get off the reserve, show off all her good traits, and hopefully weasel her way into a new home. She jumped up into the water truck and started working those deep brown eyes and got all those wrinkles on her forehead to turn cute! It worked, Brad couldn't make her get out of the truck, a quick question to the gas attendant confirmed she was homeless, so home she came.

It didn't take long for her to win over Brad, he is now her foster home til she is adopted. It also didn't take long for him to realise there was something wrong with the girl. One of her hind legs is shorter then the other and the 'knee' joint seems to be pointing in the wrong direction. A trip to the vet confirmed that her leg had been broken, just over a month ago, and it has started healing itself, with a slight twist. Shelby will have to have some kind of surgery on that leg. The vets are looking at her xrays, and consulting with specialists to see if there is any way of saving the leg.

Shelby is showing herself to be a great dog at Brad's place. She is quiet, cuddly, playful, and already house and crate trained.

We are hoping that all who attend the adoption fair could put a few dollars in the 'Shelby Fund' to help finance her surgery.