Thursday, December 10, 2009

Out of the Storm...

We had some really great dogs join the group this past week. Some of them are from other rescue groups in Alberta who haven't had any interest in these dogs for months and are hoping that with a new 'market', these dogs will find new homes quickly. We will introduce them now in hopes that they will encourage more of you dog-searchers to come out to meet them.

Peppy is a wonderful dog that is about a year and a half old. He acts older then his age according to the other rescue group's foster home. He is great with other dogs, cats and kids. He is very laid back amd well mannered. Peppy is a mixed breed and your guess is as good as ours! (DNA testing might answer a few questions) In the pictures, you can see he is a happy dog that likes to dig after gophers. Peppy came to my house for the first night, and I honesly had a hard time giving him up. He is amazing with kids, as young as 4, so gentle and lays down right away for tummy rubs. He is an ideal family dog.

Molly, what a cutie. She is a Bernese Mountain Dog X Saint Bernard. She is about 4 months old and is such a nice little big puppy. She is doing well on her house training, sleeps good thru the night, and loves to play with her four legged foster brothers and sisters. She is really pulling on her foster home's heartstrings! The pictures that the foster home sent aren't working for me! Come see her for yourself at the adoption fair! She will be the cute, fluffy, huge, black and white puppy.

Bella is a little sausage! She is a Chihuahua cross, we think with a Pug. Just look at that face! Bella just turned a year old at the beginning of November. She is almost 100% housetrained, its hard when you are a little dog, but she is 100% cuddly and wildly playful. She is in a foster home with a 6 month old JackRussell and the two of them are non stop play buddies.

Corky, now look at this face!! Corky is thought to have some Pit Bull in him, which is reasonable. The other parts, I think came from a Boston Terrier! Corky is a young dog, house and crate trained. He doesn't really like the idea of sharing is food, toys, or crate area with another dog, but knows he should and is learning to share without grumbling about it. He is a great house dog, always ready to play and gets along with everyone. He too gets along amazingly with the kids. He pinned my son down to give his ears a good cleaning!! Older kids might find Corky a bit more fun as he is hyper and might knock the little ones down by accident. The pictures really don't do him justice, he is a stocky medium sized, bouncy boy. He has a wonderful expression on his face at all times, complete with wrinkles.

Ace, is our final intake from this week. His owners have allergies that are getting worse with Ace in the home. He has been very loved in his home, they are currently holding onto him until we are able to place Ace in a new home. Ace is a very smart and well mannered German Shep. He is a younger dog, but has already learned about how to act in the house and is very much a house dog. He too will be at the adoption fair this Saturday, hopefully he too will find a forever home that will love him as much as his current owners do.

Please come out to the fair this Saturday to meet these great dogs that so deserve a forever home.