Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Case of Hoarding

We have been having a very slow start to 2010, but things are definately picking up.

Some new dogs have come in during the past few days, really cute puppies too!

But, I need to start this post with a plea for help.

PDCR has been asked to help with yet another case of dog hoarding. There are currently 80 dogs, between the ages of 8 months - 1.5 years that are being surrendered to a very small shelter in Montana. They are being surrendered in groups of 20-25 for the next couple of months. The dogs breeds are Daschunds, Chihuahuas and mixes of the two.

The first group of dogs are being surrendered on Friday. They will be taken to the vet in that town right away for health checks and vaccinations. The paperwork for them to cross the border will also be ready. Then, they stay the night at the vet clinic and then we get them!

PDCR is asking for help in the following ways:

Drivers to go across the border to pick up two or three dogs and bring them to Lethbridge. (Destination cannot be posted, but its about a 6-7 hour drive round trip)
Supplies will also be needed. We will need puppy pee pads, bedding, crates (small - medium), and x pens
Foster homes for these dogs will also be needed to care for the dogs until forever homes are found.
And, adopters of course will be needed to give these dogs loving homes.

We have been in contact with a few other rescue groups that we deal with and they too have offered to help in taking some of the dogs into their systems. So, not all of them will be staying with PDCR.

If you are able to donate any items, time, funds, or looking to adopt a small dog, please email us at www.prairiedogcaninerescue@hotmail.com or call 403-795-2599.