Saturday, January 23, 2010


I received an email from a lady that works in a shelter in Montana. She was looking to find rescue groups that could help out with some of the dogs that they had in the shelter there. I said I would see what I could do after looking at the dogs that she had. I looked at the site and saw this cute little pup, looking so sad in her cage.

How could I resist?!

So, one of our volunteers, Colleen, offered to go get her a few days later. Libby was brought up last weekend and has proved herself to be a fantastic puppy. We aren't sure what breeds are in this little girl, Shepherd maybe, a bit of Dane too??? Look at her pictures and see what you think.

Look at those ears!!

Here is a write up that her foster mom did for us.

Libby is a super dog. She is one of the sweetest, best-mannered puppies I've had. She is very loving, and prefers to snuggle up with you. She is definitely a people-dog, and wants to know where you are. She already sits at the door before going out, before getting her food, or toys. She plays well with my dog. She is very fast, and will probably enjoy outdoor activities (camping, running, and so on).
She is a little nervous of new noises or new situations. She does bark a bit when she is nervous, but we are working on that, and she is already improving as her confidence grows. It may also be the "watchdog" shepherd in her.
Keep in mind that she is a young pup, and definitely gets the zoomies about once a day - running like crazy and biting like a demon dog. Fortunately, once it passes she is right back to being the sweet little dog she is.
Overall, Libby is an great puppy who will become a great dog - and she already has great ears

I too had the opportunity of babysitting Libby here yesterday and have to agree with Constance, Libby is a great puppy. Playful with the dogs, respectful of the cats, and wasn't bitey or mouthy with my two small kids. We had a great day with her.

Libby is about 12 - 14 weeks old, she has had her shots up to date. She is 98% house trained and is fine to stay in her crate during her foster mom's work hours and at bedtime. If you would like to give Libby her forever home, please send in your application, she won't last long.